Career at SOAX

In SOAX we're playing with the technical product for data-hungry businesses – JOIN US to build global data bridge.

Open roles

B2B clients around the world
Our teammates are located in 16 countries
Teammates in 6 departments
We're a fast-growing UK company that develops own innovative Best-In-Class solution
But who we are inside? 🧐
We, at SOAX, believe in the future where machines can see and fulfil our needs based on data collected in real-time whilst reimagining information exchange in ways that give people the space to innovate.

Our values:
Measure it!
We are data-thinking enthusiasts who are pasionate about data-based products. We want to bring future where every bussiness will have quick access to the world's data in a matter of clicks.
We believe every new team member can bring awesome ideas and outstanding results to SOAX. And we understand that to move fast we must learn quickly. To support these values we build flexible and open culture.
We are a full-remote international company with clients around the world. Our culture is built around sharing ideas, highlighting new ways, and regular brainstorming.
Our technologies
And some more facts...
You can work from any place in your onw schedule
We pay competitive salary in GBP
20 personal business days, 5 holidays on-demand, unlimited sick days
We provide free educational courses for our employees
SOAXers in real life
We work remotely but we like to meet in real life and share our life moments.
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